The Romanian Folk Costume from Tarnave /Portul popular de pe Tarnave

Book Title: Portul Popular Romanesc de pe Tarnave

Translation: The Romanian Folk Dress from Tarnave

Author: Nicolae Dunare & Constantin Catrina

Language: Romanian

Published: Casa Creatiei Populare a Judetului Brasov, 1968

Condition: used

Format and Size: hardcover, 284 pages, 31 cm x 21, 5 cm x 3 cm (12. 20 " x 8. 5 " x 1. 2 "), 1, 4 kilos (aprox. 3 pounds), illustrated

Book description: This excellent book represents the first thematic monography on Romanian folk dress from Tarnave region. This monography is grounded on direct researches effectuated on ground which began in 1953 and they have been completed through the study of the dress collections of Departamental Museum from Brasov, Brukental Museum from Sibiu and Etnographical Museum of Transylvania from Cluj. Also, it was studied the dresses of the folk ensembles fromMedias, Rupea, Sighisoara, Agnita.


1. Introducere / Introduction (in Romanian)

2. Zona Tarnavelor / The County of the Tarnave (in Romanian)

3. Aspecte din cultura popularaa Tarnavelor / Aspects from Folk Culture of the Tarnave (in Romanian)

4. Structura generala a portului / The General Structure of the Dress (in Romanian)

5. Gateala capului / The dressing of Hair (in Romanian)

6. Imbracamintea din panza/ The Clothes from Linen (in Romanian)

7. Piese din tesaturi mixte /The Pieces Made from Mixt Stuff (in Romanian)

8. Imbracamintea din panura / The clothes made from peasant cloth (in Romanian)

9. Imbracaminte impletita din lana / The woolen clothes (in Romanian)

10. Imbracaminte din blana / The piecesmade from furs (in Romanian)

11. Incaltamintea / The footwear (in Romanian)

12. Podoabe / The adornments (in Romanian)

13. Elemente decorative / Decorative elements (in Romanian)

14. Consideratii finale / Final considerations 9 in Romanian)

15. Portul de pe Tarnave si miscarea artistica de amatori / The dress from Tarnave and artistical movement of amateurs (in Romanian)

16. The list of illustrations (Romanian, English, French, Russian)

17. Summary (English, French, Russian)

The book is autographed by the author (see photos). Is in very good condition, no marks on text, strong binded, clean and just few marks on the last page of the book.

Richly illustrated in black and white photographs.
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