Romanian traditional ritual dance mask - DEVIL, EVIL

Romanian traditional ritualic mask from Moldova

"Spread on a very wide area, from Banat to Moldavia and from Oltenia to Maramures, the masks dances are considered as the most picturesque and meaningful component of the folk customs celebrating, in Romanian villages, the coming of the New Year, death rituals, rain calling rituals, hunting rituals, dancing rituals.

These dances originate from the archaic, pre - Christian mentality according to which difficult moments occur in the people's lives and in the course of time, when the effects of the never ending struggle between good and evil, taking place in the Universe, can have a negative impact on every man's life.

People have resorted to the wearing of masks ever since the remotest times, with a view to protecting themselves, by concealing their identity so as to keep the malefic spirits at a safe distance away. One of those moments of crisis, when the threat of evil seemed impending, was the very passing from one year to another, all along the twelve cosmogonical days, when one world was dying and another one took shape, at the end and the beginning of every year. In the course of time and alongside with the spreading of Christianism, this interval has been assimilated to the sacred and festive period between Christmas and the Epiphany and the protection rites were preserved, being transmitted along centuries as specific Romanian traditional customs.

By their ingeniously combining the most unexpected materials, such as pieces of cloth, wood, animals horns, untanned skins of sheep, goat or bear, pieces of adornment - beads, little bells, mirrors, tinsel, fringes, feathers, etc. - , the maskmakers create amazingly variegated and expressive masks and costumes.

Mastile (The masks’ dances) stand for ancestral folk art forms that can be still seen and witnessed in Romania, standing for wonderful occasions of expressing the life happiness. There are three basic types of masks: animal masks (“the goat”, “the bear”), human masks (“the old”), demonic masks (“the devils”). "

Description: this mask represents the Devil. Is handmade in fur, textile and has also real horns. It will cover the head. The sizes: length: 70 cm or 27. 55 inches

the width: 34 cm or 13. 4 inches. The mask is new and originated from Moldova. You 'll never find an old real ritualic mask because after the ritual dance the mask is burned, always.

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Romanian traditional ritualic mask from Moldova "Spread on a very wide area, from Banat to Moldavia and from Oltenia to (more)