Antique Romanian shirt from BANAT hand embroidered on hand loomed fabric size L/XL - no. 2

Antique man shirt adorned at the collar, on the front and cuffs with splendid hand embroideries: open work. It is originated from Western Transylvania, Banat.

The buttons are the original ones: Bohemian buttons

The fabric is hand - woven linen: 100 % cotton. These old men shirts from Transylvania are heavy shirts because of the fabric, hand - woven at the loom fabric but are so comfortable to wear because are hand - made only from natural fibers.

This type of shirt is worn over the trousers with a large belt and its part of Romanian peasant costume.

In actual mans sizes is L - XL size but please, check the measurements.


shoulder to shoulder; 41 cm or 16. 14 inches

under armpit to under armpit: 65 cm or 25. 5 inches

shirts length, from collar to hem: 110 cm or 43. 3 inches

sleeve length: 60 cm or 23. 6 inches

around waist 150 cm or 59 inches

Condition: The blouse is in good to very good condition for its age. The embroidery is perfectly preserved

The blouse is BEAUTIFUL and extremely hard to find in this condition, age and size !

Age: more than 70 - 90 years old.

Weight: aprox. 1, 3 kilo, 2. 5 pounds

An extremely beautiful Romanian man shirt and hard to find item,

The shirt can be worn with a textile / hand woven belt or an wide girdle. The belt in image is for sale separately
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