Hand embroidered Romanian peasant blouse - Black - golden metallic thread size S - M

Stunning handmade Romanian peasant

blouse, hand embroidered with black cotton thread and metallic golden thread on finest gauze cotton.

Size S/M

Measurements: blouses length: 60 cm or 23. 62 inches

around chest: 110 cm or 43. 3 inches.

New, never worn, in perfect condition. It is a splendid blouse worn on special occasions: wedding, celebrations.

Tie strings with tassel at the smocked collar and around lower hems of the short sleeves.

In all ethnographic areas of Romania, the Romanian blouse gathered around neck stood out through its remarkable craftsmanship, through its fine, extremely finicky embroidery points and the spectacular combination of geometric and floral motifs used in decorating the sleeves and front of the blouse.
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