Antique handmade Romanian peasant shirt from Transylvania size M - Medieval SCA

Antique hand woven and hand embroidered traditional shirt, ethnic costume from Western Transylvania.

The white and very fine and tinny hand stitches are displayed on chest and cuffs. The buttons are the original ones.

Size S - M in men sizes or M - L in women sizes


shoulder to shoulder: 42 cm or 16. 5 inches

under armpit to under armpit: 54 cm or 21. 24 inches Over chest and abdomen it have plenty of fabric, I measured the shirt over the narrowest part of the chest and back. So the circumference around bust measured underarmpits is 108 cm or 42. 5 inches.

blouse length: 66 cm or 26 inches

sleeves length: 63 cm or 24. 8 inches

The shirt is uncomfortable to wear under armpits, all the antique shirts from Transylvania are made that way, to be narrow from the under armpit to shoulder. They are still wearable.

Very good condition with only minor traces of the wear. No tear, no repair, only a tinny rust stain on the back, clean and ready to be worn.
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