Romanian costumes shirt from Banat, Transylvanian shirt - size M/L

Antique mans shirt adorned at the collar, on the front and cuffs with a range of full hand embroideries. It is originated from Western Transylvania, Banat region, Nera Valley.

The lower hem is also decorated with a row of hand made lace and the long shirt is ornated with white insertions of hand made lace.

The fabric is hand - woven linen / flax and hemp combination I guess. These old mens shirts from Transylvania are heavy shirts because of the fabric, hand - woven at the loom fabric but are so comfortable to wear because are hand - made only from natural fibers.

This type of shirt is worn over the trousers with a large belt and its part of Romanian peasant costume.

In actual mans sizes is size M/ L or more than that but please, check the measurements.


under armpit to under armpit: 60 cm or 23. 6 inches

shirts length, from collar to hem: 115 cm or 45. 27 inches

sleeves length + shoulders measured from the collar to the cuffs: 76 cm or 29. 9 inches

Condition: The blouse is in good to very good condition for its age. The embroidery is perfectly preserved but discolored due to the blouses age: more than 70 - 80 years old.

The only flaws I found are: one tinny bluish stains and 1 tinny hole on the chest of the blouse which will be covered anyay by the belt. All the flaws I found are captured in my photos

The blouse is BEAUTIFUL and extremely hard to find in this condition, age and size !

Age: more than 70 - 90 years old.

Weight: aprox. 1, 3 kilo, 2. 5 pounds

An extremely beautiful Romanian mans shirt and hard to find item,

The leather belt is sold separately, it will NOT come with the shirt.

Also the shirt can be worn with a textile / hand woven belt.
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