Antique Hungarian Kalotaszeg Kalata costume blouse size M/L

Antique blouse hand embroidered with black woolen thread around the cuffs, and tunic collar and vertical lines from under armpits to the lower hem. It is hand embroidered with black woolen thread on white batiste, grenadine, mol, a fine cotton fabric bought usually from Austro Hungary. The blouse is more than 60 years old.

Extremely scarce blouse.

Condition: excellent antique condition.

Around the cuffs, collar tunic and shoulders it is hand embroidered with black cotton / wool thread.

The blouse is washed, clean and ready to be used. But it must be washed separately because the black embroidery will bleed again. Probably not so much as it bleed when I washed it first but still I recommend dry clean it or immediately dry it in sunshine if it is washed by hand. For not experienced persons I recommend to DRY CLEAN only the blouse.

All those antique blouses from Kalotaszeg / Kalata area are made of the same material which bleed in water but with a proper care: mild detergent, cold water, in last water add vinegar which fix the color and dry it immediately, the blouse is not affected, the white of the cotton fabric remain clean.

Measurements: blouses length: 52 cm or 20. 5 inches

around chest: 130 cm or 51 inches

It will fit to any size: M, L or XL because it has a lot of fabric around chest but you have to take into consideration that from the neck to the under armpit it is smaller than normal. It is still wearable for a L size but it is not very comfortable to wear under armpits.

Condition: good condition with traces of the wear: a tinny pink stain on chest, some difuse stains here and there but overall is a blouse excellent for collectors or with museum value. Around the neck, at the back was added a 3 cm long (1 inch) of similar hand embroidered cloth in order to make the neck larger and the blouse wearable.
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