Antique hand embroidered and hand pleated Hungarian Kalotaszeg apron and skirt

Fabulous antique, early 20 th century, hand pleated and hand embroidered apron This apron is part of the genuine Hungarian costume worn in North - West Transylvania, Kalotaszeg area.

Age: more than 70 - 80 years old

The apron is pleated by hand and is made of dark / navy blue fabric. The embroidery displayed on apron is totally hand made with black, green and white silk or cotton thread and it is absolutely amazing.

Condition: some traces of the wear like dirt but not very noticeable. The cardboard with the pattern printed on it is still sewn on the back of the apron so the apron can not be laundry, only dry clean

The aprons length is 75 cm or 29. 5 inches.

It must be dry clean only !

The pleated ivory skirt with the same length as the pleated apron. Around waist is slightly adjustable around the circumference of a wist: 70 cm or 27. 55 inches
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